Restoring Your Confidence


Welcome to Roches

Anne-Roche Roches

If you’re experiencing any changes in your physical appearance due to cancer treatment or hair loss of any kind, then you have come to the right place. We offer advice and a range of products, services and workshops to help you look like yourself again and to restore your sense of well being and confidence.

Our full range of hair replacement options and breast care products and services are all located in our main branch in Kimmage with literally 1000’s of wigs, hairpieces, hats and and bras to choose from.   If you need an appointment please call us on 01 – 525 2198

We are here to help you from start to finish.


Among our expert team are 3 former wig wearers and 2 breast cancer survivors, all of whom are qualified and experienced hair replacement and breast care specialists, along with  an organic hair colourist and a holistic therapist who specialises in oncology massage.



Georgie Crawford

As well as having to deal with a cancer diagnosis in my 30s, to be told I would lose my hair during chemotherapy was a huge shock. I wanted to do as much as I could to be prepared. Within five minutes of arriving in Roches, I was fitted with a wig that matched my hair perfectly.

The entire process was stress free and I left with one less thing to worry about. Just because you lose your hair doesn’t mean you lose yourself. And to still FEEL like yourself is hugely important. My wig makes me feel like me, and right now I need that stability in my life.

Mary Osbourne

I purchased a wig from Roches a number of weeks ago. I am currently an in patient in The Beacon and want to pass on the amount of praise I have received from the Oncology dept.

Nobody can believe I am wearing a wig and say they have never seen one look so good. I have had similar said to me outside but I really think this is high praise from the staff who will be seeing wigs on a daily basis. I hope you can share this out to your web site,  you deserve it.