Some helpful information about hair donation ireland

Here at Roches we are often asked hair donation Ireland and how it works.

We have had both new cancer patients about to lose their hair and family and friends of those who have gone through cancer interested in Donate Hair.

Over the years we have worked with the Little Princess Trust and the Rapunzel Foundation and today we’re going to explain a little about how it all works.

The Little Princess Trust provides real hair and synthetic wigs to children and young people up to age 24 with hair loss due to alopecia and cancer treatment. 

Although a UK based charity, they fund many of the wigs we fit on children in Ireland. It is a very easy process which we can help you with. They also fund vital research into childhood cancer.

This little girl received a wig from the Little Princess Trust

The Rapunzel Foundation works to improve the lives of those living with hair loss (alopecia) through hair donations in Ireland.

Hair is raised through the Rapunzel Foundation’s Ponytail Campaign.

Both charities are always on the look-out for hair donations from men, women and children who would like to make a hair donation in Ireland.

What type of hair is suitable for a donation?

The Little Princess Trust accept dyed hair with a minimum hair length of just 7 inches – but the longer the hair, the better. Hair must be clean and dry and cut appropriately.

The Rapunzel Foundation only accept non-dyed hair and hair must be a minimum of 14 inches.

How do we cut the hair?

The easiest way to cut hair for a hair donation is to tie the hair back into a ponytail, plait it and tie it again at the end and then cut the hair above the plait. 

This results in a plaited segment of hair that is easy to package and post and indicates the direction of the hair, which is important for the receivers of the donation to then create a wig from the hair.

This video from the Little Princess Trust website shows what happens to the donated hair they receive.

Here at Roches we have worked with both the Little Princess Trust and the Rapunzel Foundation.

A wig for a child from the Little Princess Trust

We have received high quality wigs from the Little Princess Trust to fit on children who were in receipt of one of their wigs and we have also cut and sent hair donations to both charities. 

Here is a video of one courageous young girl who donated her hair. Her mum was a wig and breast care client of ours. Not only did she donate her hair but she also raised money for the Irish Cancer Society in the process.

And here is a look at her beautiful long hair before she had it cut!

We have also fitted wigs funded by the Rapunzel Foundation. Emma Fogarty, Patient Ambassador for Debra Ireland was recently on the Late Late Show with Colin Farrell – we prepared her wig for her before she went on stage.

If you are interested in donating your hair, please feel free to get in touch with us for advice or help getting it all arranged. Alternatively you can find out more about either charity on the following websites:

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