Summer’s here – Our top tips for wearing headwear

It looks like summer is here at last!

Warmer weather means fun in the sun and holiday time but it might not feel like good news for wig wearers. If you suffer from alopecia or are going through cancer treatment, you might like to consider wearing headwear instead of your wig on warmer days or during your summer holiday. Today we’re bringing you our team’s top tips for wearing headwear.

Tips for hats with brims

– The crown of the hat should never be narrower than your cheekbones – If you are petite, steer clear of wide-brimmed hats that end outside the shoulder line – A flatter crown and wider brim looks great if you’re tall

Tips for soft headwear hats

– Opt for colourful and cool headwear and take the bare look away with a little fringe or halo of hair that can be popped underneath. This gives a natural suggestion of hair, meaning you can wear regular baseball caps and bandanas too, depending on your own style. – If your head looks a little flat without hair under your hat, use a shoulder pad on your crown to create a little height. Alternatively, use a scarf to create volume and interest around a hat. You can try layering hats or putting a sun hat over a very fine bamboo turban. The main thing is that you shouldn’t be afraid to experiment and have fun with your style to give yourself a range of fresh and attractive looks. – If you want to distract from the head and headwear entirely, accessorize – wear a beautiful necklace so the eye is drawn down. Earrings, sunglasses or a colourful scarf have the same effect. – If you’re wearing headwear without any add-on hair, it means your face has no hair to hide behind, so eyebrows and eyelashes are important. Use a brow kit (such as the Brow Kit from Jane Iredale) and eyebrow stencils to create the illusion of natural-looking eyebrows. – A little eyebrow powder around the edge of your eye also creates the illusion of eyelashes, even if you have none, and gives the face definition. We recommend the Jane Iredale range to our clients. It is a clean beauty brand and many of the products have a SPF, as well as being water-resistant and light on the skin – another plus for hot summer days.

Staying safe in the sun

– If you are wearing a light fabric hat or turban, don’t forget to wear sunscreen on your head. Some hats have SPF built into the fabric, so make sure to ask when you get yours. – If your favourite hat doesn’t have SPF in built into the fabric, we recommend using Jane Iredale Powder Me SPF – we sell this in our Kimmage store for €49. – If you’re going on your summer holidays somewhere really hot, you might want to also use the Jane Iredale Pommisst Setting Spray containing pomegranate. This is a natural sun defense to enhance the Powder Me SPF. The spritz will also help cool you down and sets your makeup. You can buy this online here. We hope you enjoyed our expert summer headwear tips! You can also check out our other recent post on our Masumi headwear collection or discover which fabric you should wear on your head here. We’d love to help you choose the right headwear for you from our complete range – feel free to call us for an appointment on (01) 492 6829 or stop in at our salon in Kimmage.
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