Our new brand is for you – Here’s why we look the way we do

About eighteen months ago, we embarked on a process here at Roches to refresh our business, both inside and out. As many of you have already seen on our social media channels, this included a lot of renovating and building work, but as well as that, we also set about revitalising our business and brand image.

In today’s post, we wanted to let you know a little bit more about our new Roches appearance, and how we have finally arrived here, at the new look you are seeing today.

It all started with a number of exercises with marketing company iZest, to set about clarifying exactly what it is that we do here at Roches and what services we offer.

Once this was complete, it was clear that the next step was to redefine our look and feel for our clients to better serve their needs. This meant new branding including a new logo and all that comes with that. It was exciting times.

With our rebranding efforts we really wanted to strip back to basics, back to the simple and clear messages of how we could help with hair loss and breast care. We thought long and hard about changing the name of the business, but ultimately decided that we did not want to risk losing the reputation we had already created with the Roches name.

What we did want, though, was to try help our clients by not overwhelming them with a fussy brand – we know how hard hair loss can be, due to alopecia or cancer treatment, and we want to help lighten that burden.

As a result, our new brand and logo is bright, positive and uplifting, while also simple and clear. We kept purple as our central colour because we feel it is a powerful, spiritual colour. We toyed around with teals, blues and greens but after much deliberation, we finally settled on the final three colours of purple, pink and orange, used in conjunction with lots of bright white space to balance it all out.

The place where our new brand has the biggest impact now is our new shopfront in Kimmage. We are now easier to find if you are visiting us for the first time and feel our bright white doorway is welcoming and professional.

Our new logo symbolises feminine curves with it’s almost flower shape. This was important to us as so often hair loss and cancer treatment can strip us of our feelings of femininity – yet there are solutions and support available if we know where to find it.

There are also a number of different variations of our logo and the reason we did this was to represent the idea that something can change and still be beautiful.

Our new brand has also been created to reflect the unique relationship we have with our clients. Our approach is all about client comfort, both with us and with our process. We wanted this caring approach to our work to also be reflected in the colours, shapes and fonts used within our brand.

There are 8 of us on the team here at Roches and everyone was involved in developing and deciding on the final new look for Roches. It was a wonderful experience and we are all very happy with the results. At the beginning of the process Jenny from iZest encouraged me that whatever we did with the Roches brand, ultimately it must excite me and make me feel positive and thrilled about the business – our new brand really is that and more and I am very pleased.

Our new look is fresh, modern, bright and positive. We are so proud to reveal it to you now at last and hope you love it just as much as we do.

Why not come and see our new studios for yourself? Call us to make an appointment on (01) 492 6829.

Elizabeth Roche

Elizabeth Roche

Social Media