Mastectomy Bras, tops and prostheses for all Breast Surgeries and Reconstruction

Breast Care Accessories

It is the little details that count. So, whether you need camouflage or comfort post-surgery, we have you covered with our breast care accessories.


A bandeau is a lightweight lace boob tube top. It provides the cover of a cami-top without the heat of another layer, and simply attaches to bra straps. Makes your low cuts totally wearable post surgery with our bandeaus.

Drain Pouch:

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Consider a drain pouch to keep your drains from catching in your surroundings, such as a chair. We wish these were around when we had our breast surgery! 

Nipple Covers and Nipple Sets:

Whether you want to hide a nipple or recreate one, nipple covers and sets make it possible to wear  tight fitting tops. Particularly useful following reconstruction surgery, nipples can either balance breasts to conceal or to match a protruding nipple. They are fully self-adhesive for fast and easy application and removal. Available in all skin tones.

Bra extenders

Bra hook extenders help to extend the under band of your bra for a more comfortable fit. Choose from 2/3/4 hooks to match with your existing bras. 

Shoulder Straps
Comfortable shoulder straps help to avoid drag on your breast form and also to avoid any gaping that might reveal your prosthesis.  Your bra needs to be tight to your chest wall, so these straps give added comfort as well as better fit of your bra and prosthesis.

Breast care Products:

Pair your breast care accessories and shop for prosthesis, mastectomy bras, mastectomy tops or mastectomy swimsuits.

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