Mastectomy Bras, tops and prostheses for all Breast Surgeries and Reconstruction


A breast prosthesis, also known as a breast form, is breathable and usually made from silicone with antibacterial properties. Being non-porous, they do not absorb perspiration, keeping you fresh and odour free all day.

Their main benefit is to restore your shape following breast surgery. As a result, when wearing the right prosthesis and the right mastectomy bra, you will be confident in your clothes with an even silhouette.

Roches are breast prosthesis suppliers for more than 10 years. Modern breast prostheses fit more snugly and comfortably as they are 25%-40% lighter. So, if you are still wearing a “harness” bra to support a heavy prosthesis, we recommend updating your mastectomy wear, for your comfort and your long-term health.

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This means less back strain, less possible back and neck issues in the future, as well as less drag and pull away from your chest well, causing gaping. Consequently, mastectomy bras are more feminine, with finer fabric and thinner straps, as they do not have to support such weight.

Roches Top Tips for Choosing Best Fit Prostheses:

  1. In the past when someone hugged you, the prosthesis did not feel like a breast and sometimes left a dent, that took longer than it should bounce back. All our prostheses pass the hug test, feeling like breasts, without leaving indentations
  2. You pass the tight top test if your breast form is undetectable under a tight top

Our wide range of full, partial, and swimming prosthesis come in every size, shape, drape and skin tone. Shop for a mastectomy prosthesis bra, mastectomy tops or mastectomy swimsuits.

If you are unsure which breast form is right for you, book an online or instore consultation with one of our breastcare specialists today.

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