Mastectomy Bras, tops and prostheses for all Breast Surgeries and Reconstruction

Full Prosthesis

It is important to wear the right breast prosthesis for your comfort and health. One size does not fit all. As you age, your shape changes too. So, our prostheses reflect this, and that is why we have a huge selection of full prostheses that come in every size, shape, drape, and skin tone available.

We also recommend pairing your prosthesis with a mastectomy pocketed bra. They go together, just like a hand in a glove.

Read Roches benefits and tips below.

Benefits of a Full Breast Prosthesis:

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  • All our full prostheses come with a 2-year guarantee and instant replacement if faulty
  • They are made from natural silicone so are breathable, anti-infection and non-porous.
  • They are durable and low maintenance. Simply clean with water or wipe with water after use

Our Tips for Full Prosthesis:

  • Comfort is king, so assess your lifestyle, surgery type and size when choosing
  • Test your full prosthesis wearing a tight-fitting top for shape
  • Pumped air prostheses are great for filling uneven gaps after surgery and can also adapt to changes in weight and stages of reconstruction
  • Contact prostheses are available. These stick directly to the skin so no need for a pocketed bra. Note they are only for certain surgeries

Our wide range of partial prosthesis, temporary prosthesis and swim prosthesis come in every size, shape, drape and skin tone available. As well as being soft and light to wear, they will give you a natural shape.

Shop for mastectomy brasmastectomy tops or mastectomy swimsuits.

For guidance, book an online or in-store consultation with one of our breastcare specialists. Roches are breast prosthesis suppliers for over 10 years and some of our staff members have themselves undergone breast cancer surgery.

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