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Partial Prosthesis

Surgeons have become more adept at conserving the breast and are performing more lumpectomies and wide local incisions instead of mastectomies. However, you may still need a little help to even out your breasts. That is where partial prostheses come in. We have lots of shapes and sizes to suit all breast irregularities and surgery types.

Many people do not know that partials exist and accept that being ‘uneven’ is the best they can hope for. They think not being able to wear a swimsuit or a figure-hugging dress is a small price to pay for being alive and recovered. Wrong! 

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Partial prostheses fill in the small gaps left by less radical surgery. As partial prostheses fill any tissue deficits – under the breast, at your cleavage, or under your arm.

You can be even, and wear whatever you like!

Following radiotherapy, partial prostheses help with tissue shrinkage. This may not be apparent for 6-9 months following your treatment. 

Following breast reconstruction, use partials if your new size does not quite match your other breast. You can be uneven for up to 2 years after, as the reconstructed breast is gradually increased, and due to weight gain or loss.

Also, partial prostheses are convenient for gaps unnoticed by your doctor but revealed with tight fitting clothes. Breast shells will cover and smooth out any unevenness in your breast, while also hiding indents or protruding scars and fit securely into pocketed bras. *Note contact partials are available and stick directly onto skin without a need for pocketed bras, but only for certain surgeries. 

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Browse nipples, or cover a protruding nipple for symmetry.

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