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Swim Prosthesis

Swim prostheses are especially designed for swimming in the sea or pool. These specialist prostheses are chlorine resistant which makes them suitable for regular pool swimmers. 

We are often asked if ordinary prostheses can be used for swimming. We say that a regular prosthesis will survive the odd dip, for example when on holiday. However, if you enjoy regular swimming, and even saunas or jacuzzi, we strongly recommend a fit for purpose swim prosthesis. This item is a worthwhile investment to keep active and give you peace of mind to enjoy your sport.

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Anyone who has had their nodes removed is prone to lymphedema. As well as being great physical exercise, swimming also prevents lymphedema. Once you get it, it is a difficult thing to manage, so prevention is the best option. 

So, buy a swim prosthesis and mastectomy swimsuit and get swimming!

Finally, if you have hair loss due to chemotherapy or cancer, check out our swim caps too. Unlike regular swimming caps, they are designed to give the illusion of a full head of hair. Also, they dry quickly, so can be left on all day at the poolside.

Benefits of Swim Prostheses:

  • Made from silicon  or beans (similar to a bean bag) so can be moulded to match the contour of your other breast
  • Natural looking when lying down and so mimics other breast 
  • Designed to let  water run through
  • Quick drying time
  • Light and pliable
  • Chlorine resistant

Summer Care Extras:

Shop for mastectomy swimwearswim hats, SPF sun caps, SPF sun protection or mastectomy bras.

Browse nipples, or cover a protruding nipple for symmetry.

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