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Temporary Prosthesis

Wear your Temporary prostheses or “softies” immediately after mastectomy surgery. They are super light and comfortable to give you a very basic, one-fits-all shape, that will fit into your post-surgery bra.

It’s all about comfort and recovery at this stage. Therefore, you shouldn’t wear anything that applies pressure to your scar, or the surrounding area, for 6–8 weeks after surgery. Once healed and all swelling has reduced, you can be professionally fitted for your permanent prosthesis.

Top Tips for Temporary Prostheses:

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  1. If your “softie” is slipping up in your bra, put a coin or weighted charm inside the back to hold it down
  2. Consider a drain pouch to keep post surgery drains from catching in your surroundings, such as a chair. Most people leave the hospital approximately 1.5 days after surgery with the drains still in
  3. But, don’t throw away your temporary prosthesis. It is useful for leisure and sleepwear, simply pop it inside a mastectomy top to feel more confident
  4. You can also swim in your temporary prosthesis. Don’t forget to give them an upper arm squeeze when getting out of the pool
  5. The soft, lightweight material is also great if your skin is sore after radiotherapy. You might find a soft lightweight prosthesis is more comfortable than a silicone one until your skin feels better

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