Mastectomy Bras, tops and prostheses for all Breast Surgeries and Reconstruction

Mastectomy Swimwear

If you have had a mastectomy, lumpectomy or any other breast surgery, therefore wear a full or partial breast prosthesis, our range of mastectomy swimwear is just for you. Choose from post-surgery pocketed and cleverly designed swimsuits, bikinis, swim-dresses, tankinis, tunics and sarongs.

Whether you are spending the day at the beach or plan to swim in the sea or swimming pool, our swimwear range will ensure your breast forms are secure, you feel comfortable and look great.

Many women who haven’t had breast surgery love the support that our swimwear offers in the bust and tummy area.

Benefits of Mastectomy Swimwear:

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  • Each garment contains pocketed features to hold breast forms securely
  • Extra support around the chest area to prevent prosthesis showing
  • Light weight fabric construction means each garment dries quickly
  • Chlorine resistance means regular pool swimming will not fade your swimsuit
  • Many of our swimsuits also have support in the tummy area to give you a flattering shape

Top Tips for Mastectomy Swimwear 

  • Choose the neckline shape that makes you feel most comfortable:
    • high necklines conceal surgery scars
    • can conceal lymph surgeries with high underarm
    • high backs give extra support
  • If you swim regularly in swimming pools, consider a swim prosthesis, as chlorine will damage your regular prostheses over time
  • Save your temporary prosthesis to use for swimming. Just give it an upper arm squeeze when getting out of the pool

Swimwear Extras: 

Add a swim hat for added protection whilst swimming and protect your head and neck in warm weather with a SPF sun cap (sun protection factor 50).

For advice on post surgery swimwear, book an online or instore consultation with one of Roches’ breastcare specialists. Whether you are in search of mastectomy swimwear Ireland or abroad, Roches are here to help.

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