Natural Cosmetics

We know how your skin can be impacted as a result of chemotherapy. That is why we have tried and tested numerous natural cosmetics to find the cleanest, chemical free options to help your skin while making you feel great.

Your appearance can change immensely while undergoing medical treatment and we wanted to help you. This selection of all natural cosmetics are free from chemicals and harsh perfumes, so you can use them with confidence. In addition to cosmetic products we also have care tips to help you care for your brows, lashes and skin.

Natural Cosmetics Tips:

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Brow Care:

  • Use brow stencils to replicate your natural brow shape. This will help frame your face
  • Place your stencil upon your thinning brows or missing brows and fill in using our mineral eyebrow kits

Lashes Care:

  • Make sure to check if all your lashes are gone, sometimes there can be short, light lashes still there. It’s amazing what a little mascara can do if you find you still some
  • Strengthen sparse and weak lashes with natural lash cosmetics
  • If your lashes have fallen out, use pre-glued eyelashes
  • Avoid waterproof eye cosmetics as they could irritate your eyes when prone to infection

Natural Cosmetics:

  • During chemotherapy your body is receiving strong chemical medicines, we think this is enough chemicals for anybody. Therefore we have selected chemical free cosmetics that your skin will benefit from.
  • Use a natural false tan to help reduce a pale, grey complexion. It’s great as then you won’t need to put in any effort for a few days

If you would like advice from one of our hair loss or breastcare specialists, book an online or instore consultation.

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