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Correct hair care for hair loss can make a huge difference to hair regrowth, whether you are experiencing alopecia or hair loss due to medical treatment, such as chemotherapy.

Roches stock products to strengthen fine hairs, provide thickness, volume, and promote growth. We also stock organic hair care products full of natural ingredients to protect and renew your hair.

During treatment, cancer hair care is very important, even if you have lost most or all of it. Using the correct products will reduce scalp tenderness and encourage your hair to grow back in better condition.

Active Hair Loss Treatment:

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Hair loss treatment is important during all stages of hair loss. When your hair is beginning to fall out, there are techniques to help ease the transition. We suggest only shaving your hair when it is actively falling.

Scalp Treatment:

When your active hair loss has come to a halt, you should begin to moisturise and care for your scalp. This will ease any tenderness on your scalp and prepare for new hair growth.

Hair Regrowth Treatment:

Hair care after chemotherapy can be very different from your pre hair loss routine, so hair care for hair loss is very important at this stage. Your hair could grow back with ‘chemo curls’, a different texture and a different colour. Most people want to colour their hair as soon as possible on its return, but be careful not to do it too soon as harsh chemicals can damage your new hair. We stock a full range of organic treatments and colours, book yours today.

Roches hair loss specialists are available to assist you through any hair loss journey.

Roches stock a fantastic range of human hair wigs, synthetic hair wigs and mixed fibre wigs, as well as hair replacement systems for alopecia and male pattern baldness.

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