Skin Care

Did you know that skin is the largest organ in the body? and that what you put on your skin gets absorbed into your body? After chemotherapy, skincare becomes more important.

That is why we only stock skincare, haircare and nailcare products that are free of chemicals, parabens, preservatives, alcohol, and perfume. Also, our products are made with organic ingredients. Most importantly, they are 100% effective.

We selected Defiant Beauty by Jennifer Young for our skincare range as it is the only bespoke skin care for people undergoing cancer treatment.

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It was developed in association with the Cancer Centre at the University Hospital North Staffs, where each product had to meet strict rules of ingredients. Many regular skincare products – especially anti-aging products – contain estrogenic oils such as avocado and aloe vera. Defiant Beauty does not contain any plant oestrogens as they can feed cancer cells.

So, you can see the rigour with which Roches selects our chemical free skincare and haircare products for you. Our products might be more expensive than high street alternatives, but there is no competition in terms of quality. We will not deliver less to our clients.

Whether you have cancer treated skin, or sensitive skin, or just want to be kind to yourself, browse our nutrient rich products for: face, body, nails, hands and feet, and hair in our Care Products Section.

Your skin, your health and the environment will thank you.

Book a one-to-one online or in-clinic consultation to discuss your skincare and haircare needs. Some of our all-female team have had cancer so truly understand your needs, as well as being trained experts.

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