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You are in the body care products category. No matter what your skin type was before, most skin types become dry on chemotherapy. To prevent and avoid as many side effects as possible, look after your skin, nails, and hair. Increase your recovery time after treatment by taking better care of your body with the right body care products. And in doing so, you may help prevent some side effects.

Most treatment for cancer, whether it be chemotherapy, radiotherapy, hormonal therapy, or targeted therapy, is going to affect an effect. Your skin, hair, and nails as are all made up of the same type of protein, namely Keratin.

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Keratin is a fibrous structural protein that gives strength and elasticity to hair and skin. It also keeps skin smooth, strong, and waterproof, and keeps hair and nails healthy and growing.

And do not forget your scalp. Scalp and hair follicles are still there even if your hair is not!

Nourish, moisturise, and hydrate skin whose protein and moisture supplies are being compromised by treatment, with our chemical free body care products for sensitive skin.

Commonly used ingredients in regular body care products will break your skin down even more. Ingredients such as alcohol, glycolic acid, vitamin A and vitamin C are best avoided while undergoing treatment. They can cause extra sensitivity to already sensitive skin.

Also avoid over-exfoliation which can also lead to excessive dryness.

During treatment, your skin type is most likely going to be dry and sensitive, irrespective of what it was like before. It is important to use products specially formulated for you at this time.

Browse below for all our body care products or check all our skin care products we have for you.

Book a one-to-one online or in-clinic consultation to discuss your skincare and haircare needs. Some of our all-female team have had cancer so truly understand your needs, as well as being trained experts.

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