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With cancer, everyone knows you can lose your hair. However, there are many skin, hair and nail side-effects of treatment that people are often unaware of, and that surprise them when they occur. On this section we specially deal with Face Care and Face Moisturiser.

Very few people encounter all the side effects, but in our experience, everyone gets something. One person might have flaking skin, and another brittle nails, whilst another will say their skin was never better (steroids can do this) but the skin on their feet is cracked and sore.

Our advice is that prevention is better than cure. If we had to sum up what your self-care regime should be during treatment, it would be face moisturiser. so ‘moisturise, moisturise, moisturise’ for a good face care.

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Regardless of your skin condition and type before, most skin types become dry when undergoing chemotherapy. So, it is important to choose nourishing and face creams, with no alcohol, chemicals, perfume, or active ingredients for good care.

For this reason, our products have been selected for moisturising and hydrating qualities, without any of the nasties. Cleanse with creamy cleanser or oil, never wipes. Moisturise with hydrating balm or serum. And this is not the time for skin brightening or anti-aging products! It is all about the most appropriate face care.

Browse below for all our face care products or check all our skin care products we have for you.

Book a one-to-one online or in-clinic consultation to discuss your skincare and haircare needs. Some of our all-female team have had cancer so truly understand your needs, as well as being trained experts.

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