Hands & Feet Care

Hands and feet can become extra dry during chemotherapy so having a proper hand and foot care is essential. Watch out for dryness or even cracks in the soles of your feet. Hands are visible year-round, and feet may be visible in summer or warm weather.

We recommend that you get into a good self-care routine. Will make you feel good that you are taking an active role in caring for yourself. Your hands and feet will thank you too!

Hands and Feet Care Before Chemotherapy: 

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Before starting treatment, we recommend that you exfoliate and hydrate before-hand so that your skin is balanced and in good health.

Hands and Feet Care During Chemotherapy:

For an extra special moisture boost, use Jennifer Young hand and foot balm at night. Rub into hands and feet. For deeper conditioning, sleep with socks and gloves after application. Your skin will be so smooth and nourished the next day.

Taking care of your hands and feet is a great way of really taking time out to look after yourself.  We are very good at looking after others. Now is the time to put yourself at the top of the list. So, establish self-care that you can continue after your treatment and into recovery.

Browse below for all our hands and feet care products or check all our skin care products we have for you.

Book a one-to-one online or in-clinic consultation to discuss your skincare and haircare needs. Some of our all-female team have had cancer so truly understand your needs, as well as being trained experts.

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