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Your cuticles can become very dry during chemotherapy, so it is important to have a proper nail care routine throughout. Don’t forget, it is also important to maintain your nail care after chemotherapy.

Changes in the nail bed can create brittle nails that crack, chip, break, and peel easily. Ridges and dark lines can also appear on your nails. These are caused by the treatment and will go away once treatment ends.

How to Keep Your Nails Strong and Healthy:

How to Nail Care Before Chemotherapy:

  • Take off artificial nails to let your nail bed breathe, don’t continuously use nail varnish.
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  • Do a gelatin dip. Gelatin is a natural protein that will build up the integrity of your nails. Mix it up and leave your hands in it for about 20 minutes, once per week.

How to Nail Care After Chemotherapy:

  • Do not pick, bite, or cut your cuticles, as this might leave you susceptible to infection
  • Keep your nails short to minimise breakages and infection
  • Wear gloves when using water and detergents
  • Opt for gentle chemical free detergents
  • Nail oil or olive oil will soften and moisturise nails and cuticles. Use the oil to push the cuticle back

How to Avoid Brittle and Discoloured Nails:

This does not happen to everyone, but we believe prevention is better than cure:

  • Use chemical free nail polish and acetone free remover
  • Give your nails a moisture boost by using our nail oil. Apply 2-3 drops daily
  • Moisturise your hands (and feet) daily to prevent skin cracking

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