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Brows & Lashes

We often take our brows & lashes for granted, without really noticing how they impact our appearance. It is not until we experience hair loss due to alopecia or cancer treatment that we truly appreciate their presence.

Hair loss can be a difficult journey. During which, lots of us feel like we lose our identity and confidence. You might have the best hair system or wig but still feel like something is not right. It can often be the lack of framing to your face due to your missing brows & lashes.

These human hair eyebrows, eyebrow stencils and pre glued eyelashes are perfect for helping you through your hair loss journey and boost your confidence.

Here To Help:

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Here at Roches, some of our team members have had their own hair loss journey. This allows us to thoroughly understand what is important to you and provide you with an unbeatable, expertly tailored service.

Not only do we have brows & lashes to help you through your journey, but we also have a collection of care products with natural cosmetics and skin care products. P.S. they’re all natural, free from chemicals and suitable for cancer patients.

Brows & lashes can greatly complement your headwear, especially on days you don’t want to wear your wig or hair system. View our wide range of headwear specially designed for hair loss.

Do you still need assistance finding the perfect product for your needs? Book a consultation with our hair loss or breastcare specialists today. We provide in-store and online consultations, so, regardless of your location, we can still help you.

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