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You do not have to stop you looking like you and enjoying life to the full because of hair loss. Our wide range of hats and turbans for hair loss is suitable for men, women, and children, whether you have full or partial, temporary, or permanent hair loss, as a result of chemotherapy or alopecia, or any other medical reason.

As a third-generation family business with personal experience of cancer and hair loss, consequently we have selected products with your needs in mind.

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Our chemotherapy headwear (hats, scarves, turbans & bandanas) for hair loss are designed to be comfortable for fit and temperature.

Additionally, lining ensures that your headwear is not itchy or scratchy against your scalp.

Clever design creates the illusion of hair underneath each piece for a natural look and includes tails at the back to cover bare necks.

Fabric choices include organic cotton and silk for comfort. Consider thermo-regulating bamboo fabric if you get hot flushes on chemo due to medication, steroids, or early menopause.

Why Consider Headwear for Hair loss?

  • You – and your wig – get a break
  • Headwear is cooler and lighter than a wig during warm weather
  • Stay warm at night when you remove your wig as 40% of body heat is lost through the head

To get started, we recommend purchasing a sleep hat and a few base hats that suit your face shape. Then choose your favourite colours and secondly, up-style them with your own costume jewellery or scarves.

Finally, add-on fringes and hair halos will complete your look and take the bare look away from headwear on its own.

Our expert team of wig fitters and stylists can advise you and help with any question you might have. Contact us here.

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