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You do not have to stop looking like you and enjoying life to the full because of hair loss. Our wide range of hats for hair loss and turbans for hair loss are suitable for men, women, and children. They are suitable for full, partial, temporary, or permanent hair loss, resulting from chemotherapy, alopecia, or any other medical reason.

As a third-generation family business with personal experience of cancer and hair loss, we have selected products with your needs in mind.

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Our range of headwear for cancer patients includes chemo hats, scarves, turbans for cancer patients and bandanas which are all designed to be gentle and comfortable on the scalp. Therefore, Roches headwear for cancer patients Ireland are highly sought after.

They are also fantastic for those with hair loss from alopecia as they are designed to create the illusion of hair underneath, for a natural look.

Fabric choices are important when choosing hats for hair loss, organic cotton and silk are great for comfort. While bamboo fabric is thermo-regulating to keep you cool.

Why Consider Hats for Hair Loss?

  • You – and your wig – get a break
  • Headwear is cooler and lighter than a wig during warm weather
  • Stay warm at night when you remove your wig as 40% of body heat is lost through the head

To get started, we recommend purchasing a sleep hat and a few base hats that suit your face shape. Then, pair with add on fringes and hair halos to complete your look and frame your face, making your skin glow and features pop.

Our hair loss specialists are available to help you choose the best headwear for you. Book your online or in-store consultation today.

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