hats, scarves, turbans and bandanas for hairloss

Add On Hair

Add On Hair is hair that goes under hats to take the bare look away. Hair loss is concealed as it looks like your own hair is peeping through the hat.

This can be a fringe at the front, or a halo that has hair at the back and / or front. There are add on hair fringes and halos for hair loss, so you do not have to wear a full wig.

Simply pop the hair under your hat to transform your look wearing headwear.

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Our wide range of add-on hair options include a variety of lengths, styles, and fringes. In warm weather, you will be much more comfortable with it under a hat, as you only have hair where you need it, not all over the crown of your head.

Choose from a range of hair lengths, hair texture – curly or straight – and choose human hair or synthetic hair.  Styling options include two different styles – stand alone fringes or fringes. Alternately consider a halo with a detachable fringe.

Did you know that add on hair accessories can be cut and thinned out to reflect your exact hair pattern?

Without it, people will know you have no hair under your hat. With it, no one will know except you.

You do not need a full wig under headwear so keep your head cool and comfortable with this cool alternative to wigs.

Use with hats and turbans, scarves and bandanas or glamorous hats for a natural, finished look. Get yours today!

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