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Hair Halo

Halos of hair are a brilliant invention for people who want hair length showing beneath a hat or bandana. It completes your look without risking flattening or damaging your wig under headwear. Halos create softness and contouring around the face, and can conceal the neck area if desired. Feel feminine with hair falling on your shoulders.

Available in different colours, lengths, curly or straight – and even in human hair now too – halos are the perfect companion to your hat, bandana or turban.   

Get 3 different looks all in one when you choose a halo with a detachable fringe: length plus fringe, length without fringe, fringe only.

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Halos sit on the head beneath hats, leaving the crown area exposed. As well as looking stylish and natural, you will also feel cool and able to breathe through your hat. Make sure to wear sunscreen or an SPF hatas your skin will be sensitive to sunburn.

There are so Many Benefits of Hair Halos:

Light and cool to wear under a hat 

Take away the bare look of no hair showing 

Creates multiple looks with or without fringe options

Enables you to wear non-specialist hats for hair loss that are not designed to cover the full head, such as baseball caps 

Can be braided or put in one or two ponytails

Great for kids with hair loss

Cool workout accessory under baseball cap or bandana

Transform the look of your headwear

Quick and easy cover up

Extras for Halos:

Protect your head and neck with a SPF factor 50 sun hat

Browse our range of SPF skincare

Buy a fringe only

Shop headwear for day and night occasions

Don’t forget brows and lashes to complete your look.

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