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Glamour Hats

Glamour Hats are headwear for special events or occasions when you want to make an extra effort in your appearance. This range of headwear is designed for those living with hair loss from chemotherapy or alopecia. They are perfect for any occasion and style. Feel confident to accept invitations to any event, knowing you will stand out for only the right reasons!

Glamour hats for cancer patients and those with alopecia come in different fabrics, suitable for all seasons.

Consider the following when choosing yours:

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  • Your face shape: Match your glamour headwear to your face shape, choosing the one that suits you.
  • Voluminous: Go as big as you dare!
  • Luxury: Some glamour hats are made of luxuriant fabric such as velvet. Others have costume jewellery if you like a bit of bling!  Some have patterned designs and some are plainer. If you prefer a simpler yet elegant look, we have options for you too
  • Styling Options: Some glamour headwear offer long ribbons or scarves to dress your look with side ties or rosettes or any other ways you want
  • Comfort: Our glamour hats are seamless and made from suitable fabric for a long-wearing comfortable experience for you.
  • Temperature: Glamour hats are cooler than wearing your wig if you are in a very warm setting – remember Samantha in sex and the city!
  • Peace of mind: A hidden elastic strip holds glamour hats in place for your security. Enjoy the party, don’t worry about your hat!

For daytime headwear, see our hats and turbans, scarves and bandanas. Don’t forget, add on fringes and hair halos will complete your look.

Need help choosing? Book an online or in-store consultation today.

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