hats, scarves, turbans and bandanas for hairloss

Hats & Turbans

Our hats and turbans are designed for women, men and children living with hair loss due to cancer treatment, alopecia and natural thinning.

We know from our decades of experience in our wig fitting salon that people can lose confidence when living with hair loss. Our hats and turbans are all about giving you back your confidence through a positive appearance.

Feel comfortable, stylish, and confident with our hats for alopecia and hats for cancer patients. Our hats and turbans will take you from day to night, to any occasion or event.

Continue reading for expert tips.

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Hats and turbans can be part of your daily wardrobe just like any other items and accessories. We recommend building your selection with your preferred basic style before experimenting with more flamboyant styles. It is always good to have a selection for different uses and occasions. But, most importantly, always choose ones that make you feel and look good.

Our Tips When Choosing Hats and Turbans for Hair Loss:

  • Don’t be afraid to experiment until you get the right style for your face shape
  • Eyebrows are important if you choose to wear a hat with no add-on hair. They are easy to apply. Check our eyebrow care range.
  • Turbans are quick to put on, with no fuss, no ties. This convenience suits a lot of people. They can up-styled with accessories or worn just as they are
  • We are often asked how to wear a hat with a big forehead as a result of hair loss. We recommend accessorising with add on fringes and hair halos.

Book an online or in-store consultation for expert advice. Order your alopecia headwear and chemo hats, Ireland and international delivery available.

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