hats, scarves, turbans and bandanas for hairloss

Scarves & Bandanas

Scarves & bandanas and are so useful with hair loss resulting from chemotherapy and alopecia. They are must-haves in your wardrobe! Go as glamorous or casual as you like with our plain or patterned styles.


Take a Break from your Wig:

They give you the option of covering hair loss, without wearing a wig. You can be cool, comfortable and stylish.

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Comfortable to Wear:

Our scarves and bandanas won’t irritate your head and scalp. Head scarves for cancer patients and those with alopecia have grown in popularity.

Get Creative:

Add scarves to plain hats and turbans for some pzazz. Scarves for hair loss are so versatile and can have a multitude of uses. Add-on fringes, hair halos, eyebrows and eyelashes will complete your look.

Not Creative? No problem!:

If styling is not your thing, get our scarf-like turbans so it looks like you’ve done all the wrapping yourself!

Wide Range of Fabric Choices:

Scarves and bandanas come in a wide range of comfortable and easy to wear fabrics. Choose from silk, bamboo, cotton and other silky soft fabrics.

Renowned Brands:

As a leading supplier of hair loss headwear (and related sensitive skincare) products, we carry all the best brands, including ranges from Danish brand Christine as well as Masumi, Ellen Wille and Gisela Mayer.

Browse our selection of headwear to find what suits your style. Don’t forget, if you’re planning a sun holiday be sure to stay safe with an SPF sun cap and swim hat.

If you require assistance finding the best style for you, book an online or instore consultation with one of our hair loss specialists today.

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