The Best Quality SYNTHETIC, Human & heat resistant Hair

Heat Friendly Wigs

Heat resistant wigs are the latest in cutting edge hair technology. Why are these our favourite wig type?  Because they combine the benefits of human hair wigs and the benefits of synthetic hair wigs in one wig.  Choose either 100% heat friendly fibre wigs or treat yourself to a human hair blend – a wig,  combining both heat friendly hair types.  

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These beautiful wigs hold their style, so if washed or wet, they will bounce back to their original look, without blow-drying or any styling. If you want a great looking yet low maintenance wig, heat friendly  – or human hair blend tick all the boxes.

If you want to change your style, just apply heat with your curling iron, blow dryer or heated rollers to fix your new style. Note whilst these wigs may get frizzy just like synthetic long hair wigs, you can simply blow-dry away the frizz.

We stock a wide choice of these wigs in blended, rich and two-tone colours, which do not colour fade. With up to date styles, realistic densities and comfortable cap constructions, these wigs will restore your confidence and appearance. 

Why Choose a Heat Friendly Wig?

  • Best of synthetic and human married into one
  • Can change the style or opt for low maintenance option
  • Your wig always looks good, even if you haven’t time to restyle
  • No colour fade
  • Can remove frizz in longer wigs
  • Beautiful natural movement
  • Fabulous selection of styles and colours

If you are not sure which wig suits you, or if this is your first time choosing a wig, we recommend that you book a one-to-one online or in-clinic consultation with one of our trained wig fitters and stylists.  We have decades of experience restoring confidence through positive appearance.

Wig Extras:

Shop headwear, brows and lashes or add-on hair for under hats and scarves and why not, wig accessories.

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