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Hair Pieces & Wigs Accessories

No matter how good your wig looks, if it doesn’t feel comfortable and secure, you won’t wear it with confidence and ease. There is a solution to every hair loss problem and you will find a solution with our hair piece and wigs accessories section, please ask us if you cannot find what you’re looking for.  
Itchy or Warm Scalp?
Consider bamboo liners which are soft and cool, worn for comfort under your wig.  

Secure Your Wig:

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As our heads are not always perfectly balanced and symmetrical, sometimes we need to add a few extras to secure your wig.  If this applies to you, shop double sided tapes and clips for extra security. 

Adjust Wig Size:

Wigs can be adjusted and sized if they do not fit properly. Contact us for wig resizing or ultra-securing  service.

Hide Your Own Hair:

To hide your own hair under your wig, use wig liners.

Pressure on Circumference of Your Head From a Wig?

Try comfy grips – a gel cushion hair band that creates comfort beneath your wig. 

Hair Regrowth Under Your Wig?

At this stage, your wig might feel less secure, especially if your hair is baby soft and fine. Comfy grips provide a surface for your wig to grip to, while letting your own hair grow.

Hair Care Products:

For both longevity,  and the look of your wig, it is important to use appropriate hair care products. Browse hair care products for human and synthetic hair.

If you are not sure which hair piece and wigs accessories suits you, we recommend that you book a one-to-one  online or in-clinic consultation with one of our trained wig fitters and stylists. 

Wig Extras:

Shop for human hair care products, synthetic hair care products or own hair care products.

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