• The innovative Louise hat is decorated with elegant Mother of Pearl buttons which adds subtle sophistication to this look.
  • This beautiful headwear is crafted from organic bamboo cotton, an exquisitely soft material, making it delightfully comfortable to wear.
  • Extra absorbent and highly breathable with antiperspirant properties, it will keep you cool when your head is hot and cosy when your head gets cold.
  • The inner lining is seam free in this stylish hat.
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Louise style from collection by Masumi Headwear is the perfect choice for you, fashionable women living with hair loss. The innovative bamboo fabric is unique in its features which contribute to comfort throughout the day. The Louise Style from the Bamboo Collection comes in an array of colours; therefore, perfect for coordinating with a range of outfits. The classic colours of the design make for perfect piece to match any wardrobe, coordinating with clothes and accessories and the button detail makes a fun addition.

This versatile headwear is specifically designed for women experiencing hair loss due to cancer, chemo or autoimmune conditions such as alopecia. In addition, this stylish chemo hat is made from softest most elegant fabrics, with special qualities, giving you that silky soft feel. Above all, this hat will keep you warm and comfy all day.

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