ReCover Enhancer Prosthesis | Trulife


  • Seamlessly Enhancing Existing Breast Tissue
  • Profile: N/A
  • Style: Partial Enhancer
  • Breastcare Brand: Trulife
  • Material: Soft Silicone
  • Colour: Skin
  • Sizes: M, L
  • Season: All Seasons
  • Properties: Adjustable Prosthesis
  • Breastcare Category: Prosthesis | Partial Prosthesis

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This enhancer prosthesis was created for women who have undergone lumpectomy surgery. This piece enhances existing breast tissue to provide a fuller shape breast.

Made with fine, thin tapered edges this enhancer prosthesis by Trulife seamlessly sits against your chest wall or breast. Its unique intimate fit and translucent appearance will have you forgetting it is even there. This prosthesis will fit into pocketed mastectomy bras where it will not slip or move throughout the day, alternatively, it can be worn in direct contact with the skin, the choice is yours. 

The anatomically curved shape of this enhancer prosthesis allows it to be worn in multiple ways, therefore allowing it to suit most lumpectomy surgery types. It can be worn to the bottom or side of the breast and is sold as a pair.


  • Lightly rinse your enhancer prosthesis after each wear
  • Once a week, wash your enhancer prosthesis in mild soap and pat dry
  • If you require just one enhancer use the second one as a spare
  • Pay extra precaution when handling with long nails or sharp objects nearby

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