Sleep Cap Seam Free Bamboo by Masumi Headwear


  • Keep your head warm at night
  • Fit snugly to your head. Ultra-comfortable
  • Seam Free Bamboo for a good night’s sleep
  • One size fit all
  • Versatile and can be worn as daywear
  • Available in a huge range of colours
  • Made from 95% luxurious cotton, 5% elastin
  • FREE SHIPPING when spending more than 50€
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Our Sleep Cap Seam Free Bamboo by Masumi Headwear will fit any head size from petite to large. The stretchy double lining and base construction allows the headwear to be worn flush to the head, or the top layer can be ruched for a more layered appearance.

The Sleep Cap Seam Free Bamboo can also be worn as a cool comfortable base that covers your entire head and hair line – to be dressed up with scarves, jewellery, or even other hats, like wide brimmed sun hats or baseball caps. The only limit is your imagination. This was the look Kylie went for during her chemo hair loss.

We lose 20% of our body heat through our heads! So, when we lose our hair, our heads get cold especially at night. Keep warm with our lightweight Sleep Cap Seam Free Bamboo hats available in a variety of colours. Double lined, luxurious, and comfortable, it will stay in place and yet feels like there is nothing on the head.

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