We’ve got a SALE on at the moment in Roches in our ADD-ON HAIR department, with prices starting from just €10!

Here at Roches we have lots of different types of add-on hair and fringes in stock. Add-on hair and fringes take the bare look off wearing hats alone when you have no hair underneath and can also be a welcome break from wearing a wig.

Add-on hair and fringes come in a variety of lengths, with and without fringes, straight and with curl and with/without hat attached.


Fringes are easily attached and are the ideal accessory for turbans, scarves and band wigs and provide an added dimension to your headwear by creating a natural hair appearance. They are typically attached with velcro and are available in a wide range of colours. Fringes are available in varying lengths and can be cut to suit too.


Add-on hair solutions are an easy, comfortable way to quickly thicken up thinning hair or add hair under hats or scarves. Halos and Hat Magic are two types of solution we have in store here at Roches.


We have a wide range of hair halos in stock, like the one seen here. These are 1/2 or 3/4 wigs, some with detachable fringes, perfect for wearing under a hat or scarf.


We also stock the Hat Magic add-on hair pieces, which can be worn with or without existing hair and look great under all hats – check out this YouTube video for a quick demo:

Hat Magic add-on hair also comes in shorter and curly versions.


We also have Party Bandanas in stock – these are great for kids and come in a selection of hair and hat colours.

We’d love to talk to you about our add-on hair/fringe solutions and find the perfect one for you. Call us today on (01) 492 6829 to make an appointment.

Elizabeth Roche

Elizabeth Roche

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